Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia

Undername Import System Q.Q-Undername Import Indent-Jakarta Indonesia Warm greeting undername import export blog indonesia,I update my article is due to the change of regulation from our country government that is republic of indonesia.With the improvement of the procedures and manage ment of our government in the field of export and import in indonesia.Currently regulations on export and import in Indonesia have been handled well and all have been directed to the online system (Now) OSS Online Republic Of Indonesia (Update 25 Februari 2021-Add Video Importing LCL  Freight Forwarder Shipping Goods From Qingdao China To Indonesia-Jakarta)

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Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia
Undername Import  Q.Q
Contoh BL QQ
Make API Online (Angka Pengenal Impor) Online Via OSS Online Republik Indonesia

Simple make import and export license start from July,2018 If you want to invest in indonesia you can come to BKPM Indonesia Jakarta,please visit our government website online :https://www.bkpm.go.id  and you can make permission and legality of company there in 3 hours with complete document 

If you get all the legality from BKPM, From OSS Online you can make the Nomor Induk Berusaha) (NIB) from OSS Online complete for your business,include with ,SIUP,API-U/P Online ,TDP and Number Identity Cistoms Registration in indonesia import and export (Old NIK) license to the indonesia customs .Make the Nomor Induk Berusaha (NIB) with OSS Online for import and export license very simple through online system to www.oss.go.id.

The implementation process makes the permit only 15 Minutes work by online system,after your legality complete and indonesia custom will out from OSS Online include with customs registration number Identities (Called now Nomor Induk Berusaha-NIB APi Online Indonesia)

The process of making export and import NIB-Nomor Induk Berusaha, can you read here:Contoh surat API-U/P Nomor Induk Berusaha After you take care of export and import permit you can do your business here for general merchandise without prohibition and restriction of export and import goods 

Always check the import and export restrictions and restrictions on our government website www.insw.go.id If there are prohibited restrictions regulation ( Called in here LARANGAN DAN PEMBATASAN ) and restrictions for the import and export of certain goods,  you make the
additional document export and import .You must be make and manage the document
before import and export  activities.

After additional permit (LARANGAN DAN PEMBATASAN example laporan surveyor ) on your hand , you can export and import the goods to/from indonesia as soon as possible

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Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia
Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia
How about import and export permit not yet finished but my cargo is ready?

You can use service companies import and export undername that many in Indonesia and you can search on google.com

Do step with the safe undername export import company in indonesia for import your cargo with undername import Q.Q system with the following steps:
  • Create a written agreement, Import Indentor Indonesia   
  • Described in the agreement detailed goods imported, you want Q / Q or direct consignee to undername import company .
  • After you read carefully fill in the agreement, signed , keep original agreement for your file.
  • Send your shipping instruction to your supllier and make special remarks stating that the companies only point to the import processing only ,
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Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia
Undername Impor Jakarta
So there is no misunderstanding with your shipper for documentation import to our country. Ask your shipper send proforma document i,e :
Payment Import Duty In Indonesia

After cargo arrived in jakarta trought your shipper or forwarder agent in indonesia, make the document to get PIB (Import declration ) with EDI/PPJK system ,pay import duty to bank, like as :
  • BANK BCA ,
  • BANK B.R.I 
  • Bank NISP
  • Bank Niaga
  • Bank DKI 
  • Bank BRI Idonesia
  • Bank Niaga etc .
After that contact EDI/PPJK (Jasa Import-Export Electronic Data Interchange) to get respond from customs office ,3 (Three) Alternative about it and other line is two alternative Jalur Prioritas dan Non Piroritas Especially for API-P and for API-U very rare
  • Green Line ( Cargo directly out from bonded zone after document clearance , pay storage ) and cargo ready delivery to your office / factory.not possible if you using undername import company in jakarta
  • Yelow line , submit your document import to customs office and waiting until get SPPB or Pinalty ( If you under invoice value)
  • Red Line ( Customs Inspection the goods) Prepare all document , calling customs staff to inspect cargo .after that wait respond from EDI/PPJK you get import declaration from customs office or NOTUL and cargo finished process, so cargo can delivered to your factory / office. 
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Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia
Undername Import Indentor
If the cargo on processing you get NOTUL (Value additional taxes)
  • Pay additional taxes to your bank if you get pinalty from indonesia customs .
  • After pay NOTUL to the it in 1 hour you will be able SPPB( Indonesia called- Surat Perintah Pengeluaran Barang ) or The Import Declaration goods from customs officer 
  • After it pay storage / warehouse charge , your cargo can be delivered to your office / factory 
  • Ask the copy  to the undername import company PIB,Import Duty Payment , Import Declaration , Copy HBL / H.AWB , etc for report tax your company to indonesia tax office
  • Done process import with q.q system in indonesia 
  • After get SPPB (Surat Persetujuan Pengeluaran Barang) your cargo must be geeting out from bonzed zone indonesian customs
Import legal goods to indonesia make you safe and comfortable.Undername Import System Q.Q-Or Undername Import Indent-Indonesia

Good Luck and happy Blogging
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