Indonesia Import Custom Clearance document Procedure

Customs clearance Indonesia Import Clearance Procedure All goods import coming into Indonesia must be cleared through Customs and it’s subject to customs duty and other taxes related to import unless specifically exempted from duty by law. Import clearance procedure involves a number of steps as the followings:

1 - Procedure for entry prior to clearance
Imported goods are not legally entered, until after the arrival of the vessel or flight with the limits of the port of entry.Upon the arrival of the vessel , the Master or His agent is obliged to lodge a General Declaration covering all cargoes and supplies on board to the Customs Service Office not later than the date of the arrival, exclusive of Sundays and Holidays , or any authorized extension, must be furnished with the following information must be same on the data in manifest cargo such as bill of lading or Airway bill

2 - Declarant
Goods may be declared by the importer or the customs broker (EDI / PPJK) on his behalf .The declarant , in order to obtain clearance of goods for trading or manufacturing must perform ,to lodge the imported declaration (PIB) by Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI System or PPJK )
to custom republic indonesia , and must be together with the relevant supporting documents such as :
-Comercial invoice
-Bill of loading or Airwaybil
-Original Invoice and Packing list
-Original letter of authority (Surat Kuasa)
-Original Custom Value declaration (DNP)
-Copy of company tax number (NPWP)
-Legalized Copy of Import license (API / APIT)
-Copy of registered import license (SPR)
-Special import license for electric product , electronic , etc (NPIK)
-Original/copy sales contract/purchase order
-Picture/catalog/brochures of goods

To ensure the accuracy for the particulars in the PIB such as among classification or HS/Customs code ,
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